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Get ready to lead organizations through the challenges of 21st-century business management and navigate turbulent markets, organizational change, and global competition. In Benedictine University's Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) online program, you'll learn from exceptional business professionals and complete coursework modeled after real-world business scenarios.


By graduation, you'll know how to use evidence-based decision-making to formulate a strategy, gain stakeholder buy-in, and understand the steps you need to take to build a productive, collaborative team that can produce results.


In 2019, 77% of U.S. employers expected to hire M.B.A. graduates, with 64% expecting to hire grads with specialized M.B.A.s.1

Concentration Options to Take Your MBA Further

Strengthen your place in the market by adding an in-demand concentration option to your M.B.A. degree.

  • Digital Marketing Concentration: Social media marketing uses social media platforms to engage your audience to build your brand. The concentration based curriculum covers topics such as increasing web traffic leads to impact sales, advertising on various platforms, publishing social media content, and listening to your audience.
  • Project Management Concentration: Project management and leadership are a highly sought-after skills spanning many industries around the globe. With increasingly intense competition, businesses demand timely and cost effective development plans. Courses offer the student an understanding of organizational behavior, effective team-building skills, conflict management and resolution, as well as skills to effectively manage the financial side of projects.

In 2020, the projected average starting salary for M.B.A. grads was $79,043 –about $20,000 higher than those who graduated with a bachelor's in business.2

Open the Doors to Prosperous Careers

Take a look at the top five most promising positions for M.B.A. graduates:3


  1. Product Manager: Oversee all aspects of a product's release to the public, coordinating teams companywide to ensure timely development, promotion and launch. Median pay in 2019: $108,992.4
  2. Business Consultant: Provide expert advice to help your clients and companies reach their goals. Depending on your area of expertise, you could consult on various topics, including management, technology, marketing and more. Median pay in 2019: $74,452.5
  3. Medical and Health Services Manager. Manage healthcare-focused teams and ensure health organizations function smoothly and serve the public effectively. Median pay in 2019: $100,980.6
  4. Financial Manager: Ensure an organization is financially sound, prepare financial reports and oversee processes such as payroll, invoicing, tax filings and investments. Average base pay: $74,122.7
  5. Product Marketing Manager and Brand Marketing Manager: Stay on top of market trends and develop strategies for reaching specific audiences. Product marketing managers have an average salary of $90,269,8 while brand marketing managers average $73,896.9


Past Benedictine M.B.A. alumni have also attained titles such as Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Director of Marketing, Lead HR Director, Senior Development Manager and more.


Choose Your Pace and Your Format

Benedictine offers two program tracks designed to fit the lives of working professionals.

  • An accelerated online M.B.A. program, take two courses at a time and finish in just a year
  • The traditional online M.B.A. program, take one course at a time finish in just under two years


Benedictine also offers the M.B.A. program on campus in Lisle, Illinois and as a hybrid program.


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  • The top challenges managers face today — Pg. 22
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  • Are you cut out to be an independent consultant? — Pg. 25
  • Should you consider a dual degree? Look at additional roles — Pg. 25
  • A snapshot of where alumni live, work, and what they do — Pgs. 6-7
  • How Benedictine helps you find the job and prepare for an interview — Pg. 8


For more information, you can also give us a call at (866) 295-3104. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.



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Download a FREE Career Guide

To get yours and speak with a program manager about financial aid, complete the form below.

All fields are required.