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Master of Public Health/Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior

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If you’re interested in a management career in public health, combining an MPH with an MBA gives you the edge you need to propel your career forward. The Dual MPH/MSMOB program from Benedictine University teaches you how to apply core competencies in management and organizational behavior to public health care. Graduate with a unique competitive advantage, the know-how to lead projects, design policies, manage change, and apply ethical solutions to challenging issues.

BenU’s Dual MPH/MSMOB program adds extra value to already valuable degrees. You’ll earn both degrees by taking a total of 26 courses. Taken separately, these degrees would take 39 total courses to complete. You’ll save time and money, and graduate with solid earning potential.

When you make the choice to earn your online degree from Benedictine University, you choose to not compromise. Your career stays on track as you balance online classes with work and you graduate with enhanced skills and a degree from a prestigious and historic university. Compromise is not in our vocabulary…nor should it be in yours.

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A Curriculum That Builds Leaders

Earning a Dual MBA/MSMOB degree from Benedictine University takes commitment, foresight, ambition and a willingness to learn. It’s no coincidence that these are also the qualities of leadership. As a BenU student, you are just not taught to lead–you’re expected to. Our curriculum is designed to let you focus on your areas of interest. The MPH designed and taught by experts in their respective fields. We provide a transformative and integrative educational experience that thoroughly prepares you for your career while helping you shape a life of meaning and purpose as an engaged citizen.

Connect to Your Future

Learning online may not feel like a traditional college experience because it’s not. The curriculum mirrors that of an on-campus program and the professors are the same. But online learning gives you more say in how earning your degree fits into your already busy life. You determine how to balance your online program with work, family and other commitments. BenU gives you all the student support and career-related services you’d find on campus. Connecting to your future online may be the best choice for you.

Embark on a High-Paying Career

With the Dual MPH/MSMOB from BenU, you’ll qualify for a career in a number of settings, from hospitals, medical services companies, public health and more. be in demand across a spectrum of industries. The combination of public health insight and behavioral insight will make you a prime candidate for executive positions in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Annual Median Salaries for 2020

  1. Management Analyst: $87,6601
  2. Training and Development Manager: $115,6402
  3. Human Resources Manager: $121,2202
  4. Top Executive: $107,6802
  5. Public Relations and Fundraising Manager $118,4303
  6. Biostatistician $93,2904
  7. Medical Health & Services Administrator $104,2805

Engage with Your Education

With a focus on usability and design, our online learning framework–Engage Learning Management System (LMS)—is built according to industry best practices and is always improving. It’s easy to use, facilitates communication through live chat with faculty and classmates and gives you an increased social presence.

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