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Nurses are taking on more leadership roles in health care settings and earning a Master of Science of Nursing degree is a vital step toward career advancement. Add business acumen to the knowledge earned in an MSN program and you’ll graduate in a position to take your RN career to new heights.

Our dual MSN/MBA degree adds a Master of Business Administration degree. The program is completed in just 23 courses, as opposed to the 26 courses both degrees would require.

Students in the dual degree program must be accepted into both degree programs. You’ll complete the MSN degree in the nurse executive leader concentration first, then begin the courses for the MBA degree. Upon completion, you will earn two diplomas.

When you make the choice to earn your online degree from Benedictine University, you choose to not compromise. Your career stays on track as you balance online classes with work and you graduate with enhanced skills and a degree from a prestigious and historic university. Compromise is not in our vocabulary…nor should it be in yours.

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A Curriculum That Builds Leaders

Earning an online degree from Benedictine University takes commitment, foresight, ambition and a willingness to learn. It’s no coincidence that these are also the qualities of leadership. As a BenU student, you are just not taught to lead–you’re expected to. This degree combines the coursework of a Nurse Executive Leader concentration with advanced business courses to give you a robust set of skills.

NRHL 6624 Advanced Knowledge of Health Care Systems

Study the unique needs of healthcare settings such as hospitals, ambulatory facilities, community-based services, long-term care, and private practice as well as financial, operational, regulatory, and clinical aspects of management specific to a range of healthcare systems.

MNGT 5101 Organizational Behavior

Examine how organizations motivate individuals and teams to succeed while overcoming conflicts and change. You’ll learn to outline organizational behavior trends, discuss ethical issues, and identify strategies to improve employee motivations through job design.

NRHL 6622 Professionalism and Executive Career Development

Students focus on the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively coach and further the professional development of others within the healthcare organization. Coursework emphasizes the concepts of professionalism, personal and professional accountability, transparency, advocacy, and ethical standards.

BALT 5101 Tools for Management Decisions

Learn to be more effective users of quantitative information as well as to avoid potential pitfalls from the misuse of statistical methods. Specific topics include data analysis and statistical description, sampling and statistical inference, time series and regression analysis.

Connect to Your Future

Learning online may not feel like a traditional college experience because it’s not. The curriculum mirrors that of an on-campus program and the professors are the same. But online learning gives you more say in how earning your degree fits into your already busy life. You determine how to balance your online program with work, family and other commitments. BenU gives you all the student support and career-related services you’d find on campus. Connecting to your future online may be the best choice for you.

Graduate in Demand

At a time when approximately 70,000 experienced RNs are retiring annually, the loss of nursing leaders presents a crisis within the U.S. healthcare system that your Benedictine nursing education can address with an advanced degree.1 In fact, many U.S. hospitals and healthcare facilities now require that their staff include a certain percentage of MSN-qualified nurses. These professionals are paid well with MSN nurses earning, on average, $32,000 more a year than BSN nurses.2 By adding an MBA to your vitae, you are qualified to take on health care administrative roles.

Top positions for MSN/MBA grads

  1. Chief Nursing Officer
  2. Hospital Administrator
  3. Clinical Nurse Manager
  4. Clinical Services Director
  5. Public Health Administrator
  6. Nursing Director
  7. Nurse Educator

Engage with Your Education

With a focus on usability and design, our online learning framework–Engage Learning Management System (LMS)—is built according to industry best practices and is always improving. It’s easy to use, facilitates communication through live chat with faculty and classmates and gives you an increased social presence.

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