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Position Yourself to Lead

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) online degree program from Benedictine University prepares you to lead organizations through the challenges of 21st-century business management. Our traditional online MBA program, taken one course at a time, take just two years to complete. Through our accelerated online MBA program, you can take two courses at a time and graduate in just a year.

While earning your online MBA, you can fortify your degree by adding an in-demand concentration option, choosing from either Change Management, Digital Marketing, Project Management, or Talent Management. Dual MBA program opportunities let you earn a simultaneously earn second graduate degree from BenU. Dual options include the MBA/Master of Public Health and MBA/Master of Science in Nursing.

When you make the choice to earn your online degree from Benedictine University, you choose to not compromise. Your career stays on track as you balance online classes with work and you graduate with enhanced skills and a degree from a prestigious and historic university. Compromise is not in our vocabulary…nor should it be in yours.

Enhance Your Education

Elevate your professional potential and open the door to advanced opportunities by completing a graduate certificate in your chosen area of study. Choose from four online graduate certificate programs and take your next step with career-ready skills.

Students who complete the online Graduate Certificate in Change Management will enhance their education and prepare for the challenges of changing business climates. After completing the certificate, students will have in-demand skills in consulting, organization development and management.

The online Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing prepares students to support business operations with the latest media, including digital, mobile and social channels. Students complete this certificate with expert knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics that can be immediately applied in media coordinator, marketing analyst and digital account executive positions.

The online Graduate Certificate in Project Management explores the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and prepares students for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Students also gain in-demand skills in global management, professional communication, project information systems and more.

The online Graduate Certificate in Talent Management is designed for students and working professionals in the business of human resources who want to qualify for advanced professional opportunities. Students will complete the certificate with in-demand skills for strategic human resource models and expert knowledge in talent management and business intelligence.

Earn this dual degree in 24 courses — as opposed to the 33 courses that would be required if taking each individually. You’ll learn leadership and ethics; project, operations and financial management; social and psychological determinants of health behavior; cultural, sociological and economic contexts of the American health care system and more.

The BenU online dual MSN/MBA degree pairs a comprehensive understanding of advanced nursing practice, with the managerial and critical thinking skills of business. The program is completed in just 23 courses, as opposed to the 26 courses that would be required if you take each degree separately.

Engage with Your Education

With a focus on usability and design, our online learning framework–Engage Learning Management System (LMS)—is built according to industry best practices and is always improving. It’s easy to use, facilitates communication through live chat with faculty and classmates, and gives you an increased social presence.

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Connect to Your Future

Learning online may not feel like a traditional college experience because it’s not. The curriculum mirrors that of an on-campus program and the professors are the same. But online learning gives you more say in how earning your degree fits into your already busy life. You determine how to balance your online program with work, family and other commitments. BenU gives you all the student support and career-related services you’d find on campus. Connecting to your future online may be the best choice for you.

A Curriculum That Builds Leaders

Earning an online MBA from Benedictine University takes commitment, foresight, ambition and a willingness to learn. It’s no coincidence that these are also the qualities of leadership. As a BenU student, you are just not taught to lead–you’re expected to. Our curriculum is designed and taught by experts in their respective fields. We provide a transformative and integrative educational experience that thoroughly prepares you for your career while helping you shape a life of meaning and purpose as an engaged citizen.

MNGT 5101 Organizational Behavior

In MNGT 5101 Organizational Behavior, you will examine how organizations motivate individuals and teams to succeed while overcoming conflicts and change. Once completed, you will be able to outline organizational behavior trends, discuss ethical issues, and identify strategies to improve employee motivations through job design.

MKTG 6101 Brand Ad Marketing Management

This course introduces students to both the theory and practice of marketing. It analyzes all marketing issues from the perspective of the marketing manager.

MNGT 6206 The Global Environment of Business

Students will discuss selected readings in international business. Topics include culture, geography, politics, foreign direct investment, supply chain management, monetary systems, foreign exchange markets and political risk management. Current developments in international business will be covered.

FINA 6101 Techniques in Financial Decision Making

Develop an understanding of financial theory and its application through case analysis.

Take the Lead in a Prosperous Career

With an online MBA from Benedictine University, you are ready to entertain new opportunities and pursue career advancement well into your future. More than a credential, our MBA is a robust toolkit that allows you to approach business and management with insight, foresight and a wealth of knowledge. In 2020, the projected average starting salary for MBA grads was $79,043–about $20,000 higher than those who graduated with a bachelor’s in business.3

Positions held by BenU MBA alumni include Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Director of Marketing, Lead HR Director, Senior Development Manager and more.

The top promising positions for MBA. 4

  1. Product Manager
  2. Business Consultant
  3. Medical and Health Services Manager
  4. Financial Manager
  5. Brand Marketing Manager

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